TdSE 2021: SpecIF v1.1 released

[Bremen, 2021-11-11] During its yearly conference, the GfSE (Society for Systems Engineering eV) officially released the SpecIF v1.1 (Specification Integration Facility). It is a framework for cooperation in conception and design of technical systems. SpecIF facilitates the the semantic merging of models from different engineering disciplines as well as the interchange of engineering results between organization and tools.

“We assume that there will always be special tools with their own innovation cycles for the disciplines involved, such as mechanics, electronics, software and functional safety. At the same time, there is great interest that different teams can browse and check their work results in a common context” say Dr. Oskar von Dungern and Dr. Oliver Alt, members of the core-team. "For effective collaboration across organizational and company boundaries, we need an open, manufacturer and technology-neutral basis" adds Dr. Walter Koch, President of GfSE.

The most noteworthy achievement of v1.1 is a consequent elimination of structural variants and informational redundancies. As a result, implementation is made easier and incompatibiliities are less probable.

A press statement highlights the importance for collaboration in system design. Like all other results of the working group, the documentation has been openly published on Github.