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enso designs mechatronics and software

enso stands for ‘engineered software’. We support you in the design of innovative ‘high-tech’ products. We harmonize business objectives and technical possibilities. We specialize in requirements management, system specification, system architecture and project management. We work closely with interaction designers, development service providers and quality managers. We support projects in the early stages or bring them back on track when problems arise. We work in and on the system development process.


Build products that perform their tasks effectively. That stand out through attractive and well thought-out operation. That prove themselves through a clear internal structure. That have fewer rather than more functions. That are fun to use!


We specify systems with a view to their use and their technical environment. We advise on development processes and infrastructure. We know methods, have practical experience and assume responsibility, also as interim managers.


We focus on use cases, system architecture, benefits and costs. Comprehensible interim results create the conditions for continuous and targeted improvement. We employ innovative tooling based on knowledge graphs that is made available as open source software.

Voluntary Projects

Since 2014 we are leading a project improve collaboration in the end-to end product lifecycle: SpecIF is an initiative to integrate partial models from different sources and notations to obtain an overaching knowledge graph.

are provided as open source contributions.

are available.


We believe in partnership, cooperation, reliability and quality.